Switchable Film, Switchable Screens, Touch and Interactive Screens

The switchable smart film offers the perfect solution for retrofit installations. The switchable smart film comes complete with a self-adhesive static cling liner meaning the film can be installed to glass in minutes.

By controlling the ON-OFF switch, it can turn glass from transparent to opaque, and back again in milliseconds. This privacy on demand characteristic enables it to a wide range of applications in commercial entertainment, store windows, partitions, medical centers to residential no curtain look without losing any privacy.

Video Switchable Glass Partition and Door

Car Dealership Digital Advertising
Switchable Screens

Switchable Rear Projection turns instantly from a clear transparent screen into an HD projection surface with a simple ON-OFF switch. A Switchable Smart Glass Projection screen supports HD rear projection in frosted (high contrast) or transparent (holographic) modes.

Switchable Film, Switchable Screens Touch and Interactive Screens

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Mirrorvision is not made with ordinary mirrors, it is a reflective surface like mirrors, so your interior design theme, lighting and free space does appear multiplied through this reflective marvel, These screens allow you to simultaneously display your chosen message offers your environment while having a cutting-edge interior design style that is hard to match.

Mirrorvision also has the capability to create a TV that looks like a mirror; when the Magic Mirror TV is switched on, the enhanced HD quality images magically appear through the glass surface. When switched off, the Mirror Screen TV surface reverts back to a decorative mirror

Switchable Film, Switchable Screens Touch and Interactive Screens

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Touch Screen & Interactive Touch Frame

Touch screen displays are designed to bring your message in vivid colour and create an interactive experience.

The demand for interactive touch screens is constantly increasing, with customers from education to any corporate environment wanting to integrate the ability to interact, collaborate and inspire learning.

This 6 point touch screen monitor is the ultimate interactive display for both speed and pinpoint accuracy, making it perfect for presentations and general daily use.

Interactive Touch Frame offers a multi-touch experience transforming any screen or surface into an interactive display. Whether it’s a new touch display installation, or retrofitting touch to an existing screen, video wall or table, an Interactive Touch Frame is a perfect choice. All overlays give a user the ability to drag, drop, swipe, throw, rotate, and size images.

Switchable Film, Switchable Screens Touch and Interactive Screens